Organic Argan Oil

Organic argan oil is used for body care to counteract the harmful effects of age argan oil is great on wrinkles and dry skin reduces visible traces left by acne and is the best hule facial hair and nails argan oil is a unique oil


health benefits of argan oil

health benefits of argan oil

Many benefits of argan oil, including it is rich in vitamin E, argan oil is known for its moisturizing properties will moisten the skin and protects it from wrinkles, and protects the skin from dehydration and nourishes dry hair and strengthens the nails are protected from breakage.

You can put it as well as protection for the face at night, as well as after removing make-up, as you can a full body fat with argan oil after coming out of the bathroom he softens the skin and makes it moist texture.

Of this oil you can rollover pomade full if the hair dry and preferably washed hour after shampooing.
There are also many and many reported benefits you the most salient.

Home argan tree

argan tree

Argan tree is one of the rare trees, and the home argan tree is located in the State of Morocco and Bazbt cities Essaouira, Agadir and Chichaoua Tiznit, there is this tree in these cities have and do not exist in any other country.
Argan tree live more than 250 years, produces fruit in the spring and reap in the summer, is the extraction of oil from these fruits after milling and age, and use argan oil to eat and to beautify, but this tree began to suffer from several problems including lack of attention and exposure cutting of static methods for wood Altzvih.

Dish: chicken stewed with argan oil

chicken stewed with argan oil

Ingredients :

-600 grams of chicken breast
-½ bunch of cilantro
-2 cloves of garlic
-1 tbsp of the head of the shop
-½ teaspoon of saffron
-Lemon Green
-3 tablespoons argan oil
-100 grams of green olives
-Grain of lemon shrine


Peel the onions, peremptory to small parties, add the coriander and garlic minced Mix all with the chicken pieces in the pot. Add 2 teaspoons of argan oil, salt, saffron Alabzar. Leave submerged for 40 minutes.

Cramoulh: nationalist crushed olive green without bones, add crust lemon Almrkdh, and leave the grinding so add him tablespoon argan oil. Enter the chicken pieces in the bars, and put them grilled over a coke or grill.

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Recipe to moisturize hair with argan oil

hair with

Argan oil intensive, wonderful moisturizing mask naturally and effectively moisturizes and repairs and adds shine to all hair types, damaged hair regain its elasticity, shine again, and all types of hair is lighter and can be controlled more.

Information about argan oil:

 For hundreds of years, argan oil has been used by women in Morocco to prevent dehydration in the hair hot and dry climate. Argan tree is native to southwestern Morocco produces fruit and olive resembles to a great extent. Inside the fruit, up to the almond kernels in the form of the three that are the source of the oil. Uses and health benefits for many Argan oil and the effects on the hair is a miracle from God.

Argan oil natural features:

 Intensive hydration and moisture renewal without residue
Repair the damage done to the hair
 Protects the hair with antioxidants
 Activates hair
 Leaves hair soft
Leaves smell wonderful hair

 How to use:

 Distribution of a teaspoon of oil evenly over the hair. Use more for a longer period. Hair comb-tooth comb to distribute more. Left for 10 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly with warm or cold water, preferably wash it off with cold water.

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How is the preparation of cosmetic argan oil

original price argan oil

Prepare Argan oil private Till manner era cold (the way adopted to prepare class cosmetic argan oil), and the method of age on the cold is the best way that keeps the items it contains argan oil cosmetic of vitamins and other substances Resilience for the skin, can be distinguished this oilof color where a yellow light, and with a mild odor characteristic. And is usually more expensive than oil prepared by cooking or eating.

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Argan oil hair

Effects of argan oil on hair:

Nourishing and revitalizing the scalp. Argan oil adds shine to hair while restoring its natural softness and silky.


To restore health and vigor to fragile hair, apply argan oil 30 minutes before shampooing the entire length the hair, wash and rinse. To protect hair drying effects of sun bathing, sea and chloride use oil styling by touching lachevelure.

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Organic argan oil from Morocco

huile d'argan

Argan oil is an oil and bio is the best oil for face, hair and nails. Argan oil wealth of rare and unique nature.L argan oil is rich in vitamin E particularly recommended for very dry skin or simply that they age.
Argan oil is valuable to revitalize the skin.
Argan oil continues to fill us with his generosity. Her beauty secrets, although simple have demonstrated their effectiveness for centuries. Elixirs virtues precious Argan oil provides relaxation and beauty to those who know how to use it with wisdom and insight. Cosmetic and nutritional properties of argan oil. Argan oil, a rare and precious nectar from Morocco.

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